February 23, 2019


Initial Target
Storm Intercepts
Mexico, MO
Springfield, IL 2:53 PM 2/23/2019
Springfield, IL 9:14 PM 2/23/2019
Mexico, MO
0 mph
Rain Shaft, Rainbow, Fog


Targeted eastern MO for low topped cells in marginal cold core environment. Intercepted back of arc of small cells noting rainbows, rain shafts, and fog.

Crew and Equipment

Solo chase. Equipment: Sony AX100, Canon 60D, Samsung S7 Edge.




While a significant tornado event was forecast down South in Dixie Alley, I decided to play the cold core end of the setup closer to the surface in the marginal parameters of eastern Missouri. Rather than try to find an ugly, low contrast tornado hidden in the trees 12 hours to my south, I was hoping for some pretty cold core storms and skies much closer to home. A stacked, closed low was forecast over nw MO with cold air loft over the warm sector, and a dryslot kicking in from the southwest that would clear out a rainy morning and afternoon over eastern MO. My initial target was the Mexico, MO area where terrain is decent, and where an arc of low topped cells was forecast by late afternoon.
Approaching Mexico, MO I was greeted by rainbows, pretty sunset skies.

4 miles S of Mexico, MO
5:49 PM

Rain Shaft
8 miles E of Mexico, MO
5:59 PM
A dramatic looking rain shaft from a small cell:
I passed some sort of minor incident, maybe a car or two had gone off the road. The folks didn't need any assistance.
Heading back east for home, the cooling temps from the nearby front that were spreading over the rain saturated surface created blankets of eerie of fog.


Really this was a bust in terms of noteworthy storms, but I embarked on this chase in hopes of capturing some pretty cold core skies, and in that regard this chase was a big success.

Lessons Learned

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