June 26, 2021


Initial Target
Storm Intercepts
Jacksonville, IL
Springfield, IL 12:55 PM 6/26/2021
Springfield, IL 8:48 PM 6/26/2021
Berlin, IL; Williamsville, IL
0 mph
Occluded Supercell Base


Supercell chase on stationary boundary in central Illinois. Noted occluded supercell updraft base near Berlin, IL followed by tornado warned HP storm between Williamsville and Clinton before calling the chase south of Champaign.

Crew and Equipment

Solo chase. Equipment: Sony AX100, Samsung S9.




Occluded Supercell Base
Berlin, IL
2:33 PM
Tornadic supercells got going on the I-39 corridor by late morning on this event, and I was already missing the show before I was even ready for the day. Parameters looked favorable in the afternoon closer to home so I decided to play that instead. I headed off developing cells at Jacksonville where I promptly lost data due to the Verizon hole. I had to call Brindley for a nowcast, and she informed that there was a tornado warning in progress on a cell immediately to my southwest. I went in for the intercept, coming upon a big RFD gust front. This view looking north at an occluded horseshoe shaped updraft base would be the best structure I’d see for the day. I tracked the storm north of Springfield through the squirrely roads along the Sangamon River as the cell lost its structure. When I hit I-55, the next cell down the line went tornado warned, and I dropped south for what should have been an easy intercept. My timing was a little off as I caught the storm near Williamsville and I wound up in the core without much of a view, and was even dodging a rain wrapped Bear’s Cage for a bit.

8 miles WSW of Decatur, IL
8:13 PM
I tried to work the tornado warned HP supercell all the way toward Champaign, getting ahead of it and in the notch briefly near Clinton, but never really managed to catch anything for the effort besides a rainy gust front. The cell looked like it was falling apart while new tornado warnings were popping up on a north south line along I-57. I tried to punch through the line on the grid, but wasn’t making any headway, and was risking hydroplaning, so I decided to give up the chase. These pretty rain bands in a sunbeam on the way home were the most photogenic part of the day.


This was another day of missing “backyard” tornadoes, and I was getting pretty burnt out and depressed by this point in the season. This chase had a couple of photogenic and dramatic moments, but was otherwise a slog through the rain.

Lessons Learned

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