Skip Talbot Presents...

Storm Lapse

"Storm Lapse" is over thirty hours of storm chasing footage time-lapsed into a two hour production. Available, on DVD and Blu-ray, "Storm Lapse" features amazing footage of tornadoes, supercells, lightning, and cloudscapes, all in fluid motion and synchronized to the music of Kevin MacLeod and narrated by Skip Talbot.

Two years after Storm Lapse was released in 2010, I decided to make it available for free for everyone to watch instead of letting it be forgotten. Thanks to everyone who bought the DVD or Blu-ray. It means a lot, and I hope you continue to enjoy your hard copies. Below you'll find YouTube playlists to watch the production with either audio commentary or music only.

Watch Storm Lapse with Commentary:


Watch Storm Lapse with Music Only:

Watch entire storm chases, and the full life of supercells and tornadoes, as continuous shots made possible by Skip's robotic camera system mounted on the roof of his chase vehicle. This video production has the following features:

  • Thirty hours of storm footage compressed into two hours
  • Bowdle, South Dakota EF4 tornado
  • Conger, Minnesota EF4 tornado
  • Tornadoes of all shapes and sizes, over two dozen total!
  • Supercell structure and lightning in fluid motion
  • Beautiful cloudscapes and great plains scenery
  • Secondary audio track with voice-over commentary
  • Major events from the 2009 and 2010 chase seasons
  • Tornado footage and stills from previous years
  • High-definition Blu-ray available

Each chapter has been carefully edited and pieced together with dramatic music from Kevin MacLeod. Switch over to the alternate audio track and Skip will narrate each event explaining what's on the screen and what was happening in the chase at the time.

After going through all the footage, chances are you'll be in the mood to go online and look at more storm photos and media to feed your new storm addiction. You might want to visit ooshirts to look at ideas for tornado and storm-inspired shirts, t-shirt designs, and maybe to even make your own shirt for your wardrobe. Or you might want to click on some of the links below to watch (and re-watch) some of the storm chase footage we've compiled online for you.

Watch Storm Lapse
May 15, 2009 Commentary Music
June 5, 2009 Commentary Music
June 7, 2009 Commentary Music
June 14, 2009 Commentary Music
June 15, 2009 Commentary Music
April 6, 2010 Commentary Music
April 21, 2010 Commentary Music
April 22, 2010 Commentary Music
April 23, 2010 Commentary Music
April 29, 2010 Commentary Music
May 11, 2010 Commentary Music
May 12, 2010 Commentary Music
May 22, 2010 Commentary Music
June 4, 2010 Commentary Music
June 10, 2010 Commentary Music
June 11, 2010 Commentary Music
June 12, 2010 Commentary Music
June 13, 2010 Commentary Music
June 17, 2010 Commentary Music
June 21, 2010 Commentary Music
July 13, 2010 Commentary Music
Past Tornadoes Commentary Music