June 25, 2018


Initial Target
Storm Intercepts
Washington, MO
Springfield, IL 5:43 PM 6/25/2018
Springfield, IL 11:29 PM 6/25/2018
Augusta, MO
0 mph
Wall Cloud


Impromptu chase near St. Louis. Caught evening supercell with rising scud and wall cloud near Augusta, tracked along Missouri River until dusk and dissipation.

Crew and Equipment

Solo chase. Equipment: Sony AX100, Canon 60D, Samsung S7 Edge.




Updraft Tower
Bridgeton, MO
7:17 PM
This was a short notice, impromptu chase. I left Springfield, headed toward St. Louis to intercept developing supercells west of the city. Late season, the air was thick with moisture, and updrafts were watery and sloppy, like the midlevels were saturated and the lapse rates weak.

Updraft Base
1 miles NE of Augusta, MO
8:00 PM
I got on the back side of a severe warned supercell, illuminated in pretty evening light. There was some scud moition under the base, but nothing tornadic.

Developing Wall Cloud
1 miles NE of Augusta, MO
8:03 PM
The storm even made at attempt at a wall cloud. A few other local chasers were stopped near by.
Wispy white tendrils of scud rose into the base as the storm ingested the enhanced moisture and nearly saturated air along the Missouri River valley.

Wall Cloud
3 miles NE of Defiance, MO
8:34 PM
I tracked the storm northeast for a ways, but the terrain is incredibly tough in that spot. I found what was literally a hole through the tree canopy at a pull off on a rise overlooking the Missouri River. Through this hole I could see the updraft base and the storm sporting a wall cloud. It soon dissipated and dusk set in so I called the chase.

5 miles SSE of O'Fallon, MO
9:04 PM
The chase is always an excuse to stop and score some cheap Chinese take-out.


Not a bad day for an impromptu chase with no expectations, and the sunset lit supercell was a decent catch for the otherwise tough to chase location.

Lessons Learned

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