June 26, 2018


Initial Target
Storm Intercepts
Janesville, WI
Springfield, IL 11:55 AM 6/26/2018
Springfield, IL 11:06 PM 6/26/2018
Edgerton, WI
0 mph
Gust Front


Northern IL/Southern WI slight risk. Targeted Sterling for afternoon supercells, but wound up catching a gusting out line near Janesville.

Crew and Equipment

Solo chase. Equipment: Sony AX100, Canon 60D, Samsung S7 Edge.




I was hoping for discrete development in Illinois, but after sitting Sterling for awhile it was apparent I'd have to barrell into Wisconsin.

Afternoon Cloudscape
Bradford, IL
2:04 PM
Pretty skies with rows of cumulus while heading north to the Wisconsin target.

Small Base
9 miles SE of Rockford, IL
4:29 PM
Small cells started to develop to my east. I headed down 88 for the intercept, tracking a couple of updraft bases near Rockford. A decent funnel cloud/brief tornado came out of one of the bases, which I managed to miss. The cells looked like they were organizing on a north to south boundary, but were quickly congealing into a solid MCS. Lines of storms were underway in southwest Wisconsin. My last play was for a Tail-End-Charlie as it entered better terrain near Janesville. I turned north and crossed into Wisconsin for the intercept.
It was all gust front and whale's mouths as I caught the line west of Janesville. The tornado and supercell show wasn't going to happen.

Young Storm Chaser
4 miles WNW of Edgerton, WI
5:44 PM
I called the chase. Brindley was nearby on her own solo chase, so we met up at a Japanese Steak House for some sushi.
Pretending I had twin tornadoes off these cooling towers on the way home.


Pretty solid bust for sure. There happened to be a few needle in the haystack photogenic tornadoes on this day too, including one down near Gifford, IL, Eureka, KS, and a few spin-ups in the lines across WI and northern IL.

Lessons Learned

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