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Jennifer Brindley Ubl - The Face Of A Storm

I've been chasing with Jennifer Brindley Ubl since 2011. A professional photographer from Milwaukee, Jenn's skills with the camera and artistic eye enable her to beautifully capture all facets of the chase. Her work has been featured in magazines, art galleries, and even on the National Geographic website. We make a great duo out in the field as I can usually focus on the forecast, getting us there, and other geek aspects of storm chasing, while Jenn documents and handles the chase logistics.

Check out her websites below. Prints of her photographs are available for sale as well as information about her photography services.

Face Of A Storm

Caleb Elliott - WX-Pilot

Like me, Caleb also shares a passion in both aviation and storm chasing. A commercial jet pilot and flight instructor, Caleb has logged thousands of hours behind the controls of many different aircraft types, and encountered all kinds of weather in the process. Caleb and I teamed up in 2012 to experiment with aerial storm chasing in a small Cessna. I'm just a rookie private pilot, but have logged a few more miles storm chasing on the ground, so we have the ideal skill and experience overlap to make an effective and safe aerial storm chasing team. With Caleb acting as pilot in command, I assist in navigating while focusing on documenting and forecasting for the chase.

Check out Caleb's website below as he too sells prints of his work from the air and on the ground while chasing.


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